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I'm leaving DA, at least for a while and possibly for good.  It's not safe here any more.

As most of you know, I'm an amateur model but also someone who tries to make the world a little better and part of how I do that is by talking about my experience as a victim of rape to help other victims come forward.  Right now, only 3% of rapists are convicted, largely because the women they rape are afraid to come forward and report the crime - because they're afraid they will be disbelieved or blamed for their own rape.  This, of course, leaves the rapist free to find more and more victims.  Around 17.7% of all women in the US will be rape victims at some point in their lives, so you probably know quite a few victims yourself.  But they never talk about it, so it can be hard to believe.

In the last few weeks, a few DA users (possibly including sock-puppet accounts) have claimed that no REAL victim of rape would ever admit to being raped and therefore, I must be lying about my rape.  They've posted this accusation on over 90 DA groups and have demanded video "proof" of my rape over and over and over again on my page, on the pages of friends, and on the pages of employers of mine.  They blocked me immediately to prevent me from posting on their insane posts about me because they are cowards.  I tried to ignore it, but it continued for weeks and has been building and building and building. 

They have also been using their personal DA group to send out attacks on me to 10,000 people at a time and has deleted protests by group members about using the group in that way. 

I'm not anonymous on DA.  My name and picture are provided here and I rely on DA for part of my modeling income.

And as dozens of people have felt comfortable putting themselves in the place of the judge and jury of my trial, debating in public whether I made up my own rape ("I don't believe her because she's a Feminist."  "She's an SJW and they lie about rape all the time, right?), I've been getting increasing numbers of threats and other attacks on and off DA from anonymous accounts.

Because many of these people are the same ones who published my cell phone and home address last year on DA, I've been receiving calls from blocked numbers throughout the night and people leaving strange messages, rape or death threats, or simply reciting my home address then hanging up. 

Others have stated that I'm not a victim of rape, but I will be if I don't shut up.

It's not safe to continue to be here and I've gotten law enforcement involved.

I appreciate many of you for standing up for me and I hope you continue standing up for each other online and in the real world.

I want to continue working on these issues, but I think doing it among anonymous users online just isn't safe for me any more. 

I'll continue to support women and men in rape counseling and self-defense classes in my community. 

Thank you.


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Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
A friend of mine said I should join D.A. and I'm an impressionable gal :P

We'll see if it's a good way to connect with people.

Hello, I'm Brianna. I have my associates degree in photography and mostly shoot fashion and pinup style but I'm willing to shoot almost anything.

I studied in Dayton, Ohio and moved back to Lexington this last November. I'm looking for paid jobs only. Ask for my rates. :)


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